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Syba SY-PEX40030 Combo Sata Iii (6GBPS) Ide (2) Pci-express Raid Controller Card

SYPEX40030 Combo Sata Iii
Syba SYPEX40030 Combo Sata Iii 6GBPS Ide 2 Pciexpress Raid Controller Card Image 1


Everybody knows how wonderful and convenient it is shopping on the Internet. Do you want to get yourself a raid card? The SY-PEX40030 Combo is the right item. Among the many characteristics for this raid card is the syba sy-pex40030 combo sata iii (6gbps) ide (2) pci-express raid controller card. Additional features include syba sy-pex40030 and new - retail. It has a weight of 1 lbs.


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