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Sata/sas Raid Controller, 4-PORT, Internal Connector, 128MB Cache, Pcie X4, Raid

Satasas Raid Controller


Color: Silver
Package Quantity: 1

Seeking a raid card for the server? The Sata/sas Raid Controller, in silver a great raid controller card from Adaptec is a wonderful solution. These raid cards comes in silver. I believe you will love that the product has got this feature of supports up to 128 sas or sata devices (depending on server design). Other features include advanced data protection suite, raid levels 0, 1, 10, 5, 50, jbod and and 60 (dual drive failure protection). It's 1.8" Height x 12" Length x 7.7" Width. Considering the particular functions of a raid controller card you may need, combined with capabilities and also other specifications, you can rest assured that you purchase things you need and require. It ought to come with a normal warranty, be it four weeks or maybe an entire year. Remember the fact that extended warranties can be obtained, but they also occur at a cost and they are normally pointless. With the world wide web just a couple mouse clicks away you can carryout as little or as much basic research on the merchandise that you are looking to purchase. It's very simple and easy one thing well-worth the amount of time. Looking for Sata/sas Raid Controller, in silver. To see the great price I ran across, check out the market button on this site.

3405 SATA/SAS Unified Serial RAID Kit. For expanding a SCSI infrastructure, simply install an Adaptec Unified Serial controller in your server and as your data grows, take advantage of massive scalability as considerably as 128 devices, or up to 60TB (making use of 500 GB drives ). Now, its possible to create solutions that are closely tailored to company demands nowadays and also make upgrading or reallocating storage as easy as swapping disks. -- Choose an Adaptec Unified Serial controller to leverage cost-effective, high-capacity Serial ATA (SATA) disk drives or high-performance Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) drives, or both, in a single storage system.


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